From Prescriber to Patient

Join London Advanced Therapies on Thursday at 16.00 for  our second seminar of 2021:  addressing logistics in delivering #celltherapy & #genetherapy to patients 🧬🧪. We’re honoured to have a panel of such expertise in this area, including Dr Reuben Benjamin, who oversees the CAR-T cell programme and plasma cell disorder service at King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and leads a research group focussed on allogeneic CAR-T cells for haematological malignancies. Dr Benjamin appears alongside:
👉 Marc Puich from Vineti
👉Thomas Ellmann from DHL Life Sciences & Healthcare
👉 Dr Robin Sanderson from King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
The webinar is open to the 800+ members of The Advanced Therapies Network, an initiative of London Advanced Therapies.